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Managing Environmental Noise with Mobile Noise Barriers - a Case Study of a Dolomite Quarry in Slovakia


Martin Rovňák, Miroslav Minďaš, Jana Chovancová, Emília Huttmanová, Róbert Štefko, Richard Fedorko, Sylvia Jenčová, Viktória Ali-Taha, Rastislav Kotulič


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Citation Information: TEM Journal. Volume 12, Issue 3, Pages 1268-1274, ISSN 2217-8309, DOI: 10.18421/TEM123-05, August 2023.


Received: 03 March 2023.

Revised:   06 June 2023.
Accepted: 14 July 2023.
Published: 28 August 2023.




This paper addresses the issue of environmental noise from mining operations, focusing on the specific case of a quarry located in the municipality of Trebejov, Slovakia. The study aims to demonstrate an effective approach to reducing noise pollution through the implementation of mobile noise barriers. The research was motivated by the negative impact of noise from the processing line on the well-being of the population residing in the vicinity of the facility. The study involved conducting extensive noise measurements at various locations surrounding the quarry. The collected data were analyzed to assess the existing noise levels and identify the areas of highest noise exposure. Based on the findings, the implementation of mobile noise barriers was proposed as a solution. The results of the study demonstrated that the mobile noise barriers successfully reduced the noise levels below the legal limits, significantly improving the well-being of the population living near the quarry. The case study opens up the possibility of using mobile noise barriers in other areas and operations with high noise exposure.


Keywords –Environmental management, noise barriers, environmental noise, permissible values, quarry production line.



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