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TEM Journal



Association for Information Communication Technology Education and Science

State Approach - Index - based Measurement


Josef Myslin, Jiri Kaiser


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Citation Information: TEM Journal. Volume 11, Issue 2, Pages 513-520, ISSN 2217-8309, DOI: 10.18421/TEM112-03, May 2022.


Received: 09 February 2022.

Revised:   17 March 2022.
Accepted: 23 March 2022.
Published: 27 May 2022.




This work is focused on the state view in modeling processes or other systems and develops the basic theses postulated by the authors in previous publications. It focuses on understanding the need for measurement within state spaces and the individual basic methods of this measurement. The main goal of this work is to define an index-based approach to measurement, and thus to define states within the state approach. This work brings new view on measurement using indexes and their usage in definition of state among the state space.


Keywords –Index-based measurement, state approach.



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