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TEM Journal serves as a fully Open Access, multidisciplinary platform for disseminating high-quality research with a double-blind peer-review process. Bridging the gap between research and practice in educational technology and management, the journal publishes research articles, review articles (literature review, systematic review and meta-analysis), discussion papers, methods papers, the case studies, and educational papers that inform effective teaching and learning strategies for diverse learners. The focus is on original, high-impact research exploring the intersection of education, technology, and social change.

Spanning a broad spectrum of topics, the journal encompasses the intricacies of: Education and Technology, Management, Informatics and Information Systems, Management-related subfields: Strategy, Information Systems, Technology & Innovation, and Computer Science (miscellaneous).

Academics, researchers, scientists, professors, students, engineers, and other knowledge seekers actively engaged in solving contemporary challenges gain access to a valuable resource of innovative solutions and transformative insights. Reaching this diverse audience guarantees that notable research findings receive the due recognition and widespread application they deserve.



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