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Association for Information Communication Technology Education and Science

Management in Ukraine: Stages of Formation, Development, Types


Liubov Pshenychna, Olha Skyba


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Citation Information: TEM Journal. Volume 7, Issue 3, Pages 582-588, ISSN 2217-8309, DOI: 10.18421/TEM73-14, August 2018.


Received: 08 May 2018
Accepted: 20 July 2018
Published: 27 August 2018




In the article, based on the analysis of scientific researches of domestic and foreign scientists, are described the historical periods and stages of the formation and development of management in Ukraine, given are the characteristics of the seven main stages of development of Ukrainian management science from the origins to the present with the definition of the founders of the management schools at each of these stages. It is noted that depending on the object, the main types of management are distinguished: general and functional, innovative, personal, production, financial, international, ecological, quality management, marketing management, sales management, educational management. All these types are identifying priorities, problems and resources for achieving the main goal – success, profit making, investment attraction, leadership and competitiveness in the market.


Keywords –governance, management, stages of management formation and development, strategy, innovation, methods and approaches in management.



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