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Investigation of Stator and Rotor Slits’ Effects to the Torque and Efficiency of an Induction Motor




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Citation Information: TEM Journal. Volume 6, Issue 1, Pages 117-125, ISSN 2217-8309, DOI: 10.18421/TEM61-17, February 2017.




Induction machines have a simple structure and are popular due to their wide range of use, however they have limited power factor and efficiency. Although the working principles of inductions machines have not changed for years, the materials and geometric structures used have undergone significant changes. In this study, slits were applied in the middle of the rotor teeth, rotor-stator teeth and stator teeth of a 7.5 kW induction motor. For these three situations, the torque ripple, iron losses, copper losses, inductance, phase current and voltage inducted in the windings and flux change were analyzed associated with the change in the slit width and slit height. Due to the fact that it is difficult to analytically calculate the slitted models created, they were analyzed by software which uses the finite elements method. The stator-rotor slitted structure determined as the optimum (the one with highest efficiency) and the original motor were compared with 2D and 3D analyses. According to this comparison, a decrease in torque rupture and loss of copper is observed. The motor’s torque increased by 27%, and efficiency increased by 4%.


Keywords – Stator, rotor, slit, induction motor, efficiency, dimension.‎



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