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Knowledge management is a trend that is increasingly widespread in business circles and small companies as well as in the larger organizational structures. The concept of knowledge management is increasing and becomes the basis for quality and successful functionality of every organization. Organizations that use the potential of human resources as primary resource in dealing with the application of knowledge management have significantly improved the performance with reduced costs and increased quality of products or services. With the application of information technology in knowledge management a decentralization is achieved and therefore it facilitates the expansion of foreign markets.
The subject of this research will be the systems for knowledge management, their relationship with the organizational learning, and the role of information technology in these systems.
The purpose of this research is to recognize the importance and the benefits of managing knowledge and to perceive the role of information technology in knowledge management in enterprises in Republic of Macedonia, in order to achieve competitive advantage and long-term profitability.

Keywords – knowledge management, human capital, information technology, competitiveness.


Margarita Janeska, Ljupco Markuseski, Aleksandra Jovanoska, Dejan Zdraveski.(2015).Implementation of Systems for Knowledge Management in Republic of Macedonia.TEM Journal, 4(4), 351-357.


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