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Title: Electrolysers Powered with Solar Energy

Authors: Ivaylo Y. Nedelchev, Rosen N. Vasilev.


The vast fossil fuel consumption and decreasing oil reserves and natural resources, enforce much more need of finding decision for renewable energies and development of constructions for using the so called green resources. One solution of this problem is combination ofalready established solar based sources and brown gas cell construction. Brown gas cell production is based on electrolysis of pure water and as a result generating a real gas fuel. This production can find large utility in different usages.

Keywords – Brown gas, electrolyser, photovoltaic, efficiency.


Ivaylo Y. Nedelchev, Rosen N. Vasilev.(2015).Electrolysers Powered with Solar Energy.TEM Journal, 4(3), 276-280.


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