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Title: Contents of Global Talent Evaluations: Baltics & Serbia

Authors: Antanas Buracas, Vytas Navickas.


The study discuss the reliability of global talent competitiveness (GTC) as framework of deter- minants based on multiple criteria assessment method- ology presenting the comparisons of Baltic States and Serbia as a case study. The multiple criteria evaluation principles are focused on the knowledge components interdependencies with global talent determinants as well as other criterial systems used for the innovation strategies. The approach in a research under review and de- tailing of GTC criterial system when evaluating the talent potential determinants revealed some benefits of multicriteria decision making analysis. The GTC index is a useful instrument for rational global talent management when using the EU structural funds, in- tersectorial distributing of limited resources for more rational development of labour & vocational skills, for evaluating the innovation and talent growth determi- nants.

Keywords – global talent competitiveness; knowl- edge determinants; labour & vocational skills.


Antanas Buracas, Vytas Navickas.(2015).Contents of Global Talent Evaluations: Baltics & Serbia.TEM Journal, 4(2), 187-196.


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