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Title: Transformation To Dual Physical Problems for The Visualization of

            Abstract Topics

Authors: Suleyman Gokhun Tanyer


Abstract topics are often very difficult to be visualized for the undergraduate students in mathematics, physics and engineering.Those problems could be represented by four fundamental examples; basic vector algebra, formation of standing waves, polarization of waves and optical filtering. In this work, the performance of teaching abstract topics using two different approaches are comparatively examined; the classical mathematical derivations and the transformation of abstract topics to visual dual physical problems. Efficiency of methodsare analysed statistically.Third year electrical engineering studentsí exam results are examined using the empirical cumulative distribution function (ECDF). The transformation method is observed to be helpful, especially for below the average students. Formations of healthy normally distributed exam scores are observed.

Keywords – electromagnetics, empirical cumulative distribution function, optical filtering, performance measurement.


Suleyman Gokhun Tanyer.(2015)..Transformation To Dual Physical Problems for The Visualization of Abstract Topics.TEM Journal, 4(2), 156-163.


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