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Title: Energy strategy implementation eco management approach

Authors: Mirjana Radovanovic, Sanja Filipovic, Aleksandar Kupusinac, Dusanka Lecic.


The series ISO 14001 of international voluntary standards is an effective tool for improving organizational environmental performance and implementation of sustainable approach to energy management. These standards established and implemented a systematic management plan. Plan is made to continually identify and reduce environmental impacts. Eco-management approach may be suitable because its implementation is a possible way to replace the widely used environmental control system based on legislation and controlling of the application of environmental and energy regulations. Eco-management systems can help companies to integrate environmental efforts into decision making. Application of eco-management system improves compliance with environmental regulations. Today, the number of companies in the world which tend to integrate the system of eco-management in their business strategies is rapidly increasing. They accept advanced technologies. Systems of eco-management encourage companies to consider environmental consequences of their operations. To reduce waste, risks and costs the companies then define strategies which would help them.

Keywords – Energy strategy, Implementation, Eco-management.


Mirjana Radovanovic, Sanja Filipovic, Aleksandar Kupusinac, Dusanka Lecic.(2015). Energy strategy implementation eco management approach.TEM Journal, 4(2), 137-143.


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