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Title: Software System for Finding the Incipient Faults in Power Transformers

Authors: Nikolina Petkova


In this paper a new software system for finding of incipient faultsis presented.An experiment is made with real measurement of partial discharge(PD) that appeared in power transformer. The software system usesacquisition data to define the real state of this transformer. One of the most important criteria for the power transformer’s state is the presence of partial discharges. The wave propagation caused by partial discharge depends on scheme of the winding and construction of the power equipment. In all cases, the PD source had a specific position so the wave measured from the PD –coupling device had a specific waveform. The waveform is different when PD-coupling device is put on a specific place. The waveform and the time of propagation are criteria for the localization of the source of incipient faults in the volume of power transformer.

Keywords – power transformer, partial discharge, localization.


Nikolina Petkova.(2015). Software System for Finding the Incipient Faults in Power Transformers.TEM Journal, 4(2), 125-129.


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