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Title: Evaluation of the Effectiveness of Engineering Production

            Processes using Pareto Analysis

Authors: Darina Matisková


The aim of this paper is to illustrate possibilities of using Pareto method in evaluating the effectiveness of engineering production processes. The essence of this issue is dividing materials by using progressive technologies on the specific component and the evaluation of its effectiveness and quality. For the production of component was used method of dividing by the plasma, laser and water jet. To eliminate the irregularities in the quality of the resulting component was used Pareto method. The aim was to determine from the available technical knowledge the most efficient method using established evaluation model of efficiency. The result is the finding that the most effective device for dividing the chosen component is the plasma device.

Keywords – Production process, Pareto analysis, effectivity, plasma, lasser, water yet, economics analysis


Darina Matisková.(2015).Evaluation of the Effectiveness of Engineering Production Processes using Pareto Analysis.TEM Journal, 4(1), 96-101.


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