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Title: Lane Departure System Design using with IR Camera for Night-time           Road Conditions

Authors: Mehmet Miman, Osman Onur Akırmak, Hakkı Can Korkmaz


Today, one of the largest areas of research and development in the automobile industry is road safety. Many deaths and injuries occur every year on public roads from accidents caused by sleepy drivers, that technology could have been used to prevent. Lane detection at night-time is an important issue in driving assistance systems. This paper deals with vision-based lane detection and tracking at night-time. This project consists of a research and development of an algorithm for automotive systems to detect the departure of vehicle from out of lane. Once the situation is detected, a warning is issued to the driver with sound and visual message through “Head Up Display” (HUD) system. The lane departure is detected through the images obtained from a single IR camera, which identifies the departure at a satisfactory accuracy via improved quality of video stream. Our experimental results and accuracy evaluation show that our algorithm has good precision and our detecting method is suitable for night-time road conditions.

Keywords – Lane detection, Hough transformation, IR camera, “Head Up Display”, Night-time Road Conditions.


Mehmet Miman, Osman Onur Akırmak, Hakkı Can Korkmaz.(2015).Lane Departure System Design using with IR Camera for Night-time Road Conditions.TEM Journal, 4(1), 54-59.


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