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Title: Design and Experimental Investigation of Pneumatic Movement           Mechanism Supported by Mechanic Cam and Crank Shaft

Authors: Salih Korucu, Gurcan Samtas, Gurkan Soy


The pressurized air is applied to many sectors required purity and velocity. One of these sectors is to use of air as impulsive force in the moving mechanisms. In this study, the movement mechanism prototype worked with compressed  air was designed and produced forlight vehicle engine as motorbike and ATV (All-Terrain Vehicle). In developed mechanisms, pneumatic artificial muscles were used for a given movement of crankshaft. A cam system was also designed for synchronization pneumatic muscles. In this way, these muscles transmit the synchronous movement to crankshaft. At the end of the study, the developed mechanism was mounted on an ATV vehicle(110 cc/ Cubic Centimeter, engine displacement capacity)and its performance was tested using the four different weights (50, 75, 100 and 150 kg), three different pressures (4, 5 and 6 bar) and two different hoses (Ø 6 and Ø 8 mm). By considering experimental results and design criteria, power of the movement mechanism was obtained as 886 Watt. With this study, minimization of energy consumption for movement of passenger cars, and using clean and cheap energy as ATV which can be  alternative for single or two passenger vehicles.

Keywords – Pneumatic artificial muscle, ATV air vehicle, compressed air, pneumatic mechanism.


Salih Korucu, Gurcan Samtas, Gurkan Soy.(2015). Design and Experimental Investigation of Pneumatic Movement Mechanism Supported by Mechanic Cam and Crank Shaft.TEM Journal, 4(1), 22-34.


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