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Comparison of Life Ways From the Viewpoints of Slovak and Spanish University Students


Zuzana Chmelárová, Ladislav Pasiar, Diana Patricia Cano Varela


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Citation Information: TEM Journal. Volume 13, Issue 2, Pages 1718-1725, ISSN 2217-8309, DOI: 10.18421/TEM132-85, May 2024.


Received: 16 January 2024.

Revised:   08 May 2023.
Accepted: 14 May 2024.
Published: 28 May 2024.




Life ways are the events and experiences that shape an individual's personality, influenced by values, goals, and attitudes. The research question arising is whether preferred life ways of university students in Spain and Slovakia are different or not. Research areas were based on 13 styles and values in an individual's life in a very broad and complex context that captures the meaning and purpose of life and the values on which it stands. The main goal of the research is to determine whether the life paths of Slovak and Spanish students are different or similar. The research sample consists of 210 Slovak and 102 Spanish students. Data were collected by questionnaire describing all life ways in detail and for statistical analysis we used one-way, multifactorial analysis of variance (ANOVA). Slovak and Spanish students both prefer a lifestyle focused on experience and joy, considering it the most suitable for creating a favourable impression, while self-control with stoicism is inadequate to create it. However, Spanish students also value self-knowledge and independence, which are less emphasized by Slovak students, and they more frequently experience calm and receptive expectations as well as self-control with stoicism. Both groups note a discrepancy between their desired and actual lifestyles, particularly in striving for reason and moderation.


Keywords –University students, life ways, values.



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