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Elementary Teachers’ Noticing of Students’: How to Stimulate Students’ Critical and Creative Thinking


Restu Lusiana, Cholis Sa’dijah, Subanji Subanji, Tjang Daniel Chandra


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Citation Information: TEM Journal. Volume 13, Issue 2, Pages 1319-1330, ISSN 2217-8309, DOI: 10.18421/TEM132-46, May 2024.


Received: 16 January 2024.

Revised:   22 April 2024.
Accepted: 06 May 2024.
Published: 28 May 2024.




This research aims to explore elementary teachers noticing in stimulating students' critical and creative thinking abilities. This exploratory qualitative research focuses on the main aspects of teacher noticing (attending, interpreting, and responding) in stimulating students' critical and creative thinking abilities. Research findings on every aspect of elementary school teacher attention show sufficient evidence of stimulating students' critical and creative thinking abilities. In the aspect of attendance, the teacher highlights students' thinking in solving problems through writing. In the interpretation aspect, the teacher interprets students' thinking to understand more deeply the details of students' thinking strategies through two-way communication to expand students' understanding of the thinking strategies used. Based on the results of the interpretation, the teacher decides the student's needs and determines the response that should be given based on the student's level of understanding. The response given was in the form of providing suggestions about new thinking strategies and new learning strategies to expand students' critical and creative thinking.


Keywords – Creative thinking, critical thinking, elementary students, elementary teachers, noticing.



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