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Association for Information Communication Technology Education and Science

Assessing the Benefits of Online Learning in Higher Education and its Impact on Law Students


Ilda Nadia Monica de la Asuncion Pari-Bedoya, Alfonso Renato Vargas-Murillo, Francisco de Jesús Guevara-Soto, Ricardo Jiménez-Palacios, Isai Luis Ypanaque-Pereira


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Citation Information: TEM Journal. Volume 12, Issue 4, Pages 2333-2338, ISSN 2217-8309, DOI: 10.18421/TEM124-45 November 2023.


Received: 30 July 2023.

Revised:   25 October 2023.
Accepted: 08 November 2023.
Published: 27 November 2023.




The present study aims to analyze the advantages and disadvantages of online learning, focusing on the importance of understanding how legal education can benefit from online learning. The problem under investigation resided in asking what the benefits of online learning for legal education are and how it impacts law students. For this study, a systematic literature review was conducted in order to recollect and analyze the existing literature available regarding legal education and online learning. This process entailed a comprehensive search across academic databases such as Scopus, IEEE Xplore, and ProQuest, with the help of keywords and research criteria in order to enhance the study’s result and establish a collection of literature that would help the study’s research questions regarding legal education and its impact on law students. The main hypothesis established that law students are capable of fully embracing online learning thanks to today’s level of adaptability, and while the results show that a vast number of students have access to mobile technology and are aware of the benefits of online learning, law schools need to gradually implement this methodology in order to start experiencing mentioned benefits and have an effective applicability of this methods in their teaching programs.


Keywords – Legal education, online learning, law students.



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