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Association for Information Communication Technology Education and Science

User Evaluation on a Mobile Augmented Reality Game-based Application as a Learning Tool for Biology


Meng Chun Lam, Soon Ming Lim, Siok Yee Tan


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Citation Information: TEM Journal. Volume 12, Issue 1, Pages 550-557, ISSN 2217-8309, DOI: 10.18421/TEM121-65, February 2023.


Received: : 24 October 2022.

Revised:   30 January 2023.
Accepted:  21 February 2023.
Published: 27 February 2023.




It is challenging to comprehend abstract information on a scientific topic. In essence, AR could display abstract scientific information excitingly and graphically, improving the students' learning interests and performance. Their critical engagement could be enhanced further through AR's visualisation capability, achieved via active learning in an AR-game environment. Hence, this paper proposed and described a reflection on a mobile AR game, ARCell, involving cell biology. This game is designed to help students learn about the structures of animals and plant cells via an AR tapping game and a quiz module. This study recruited thirty-two participants. The usability results showed that the game was practical and highly developed, predicated on the different usability factors. They were keen on more educational content on biology, which included challenging game features in the AR game module.


Keywords –Augmented Reality, game-based learning, usability and mobile application.



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